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A pair of iPad stands heading your way soon


The TUAW tip line has been ringing off the hook this morning, with not one, but two companies announcing iPad stands.

Many iPad owners are beginning to find that they want a way to have the iPad held in front of them, but not necessarily using their hands. Apple has not yet released the antigravity float pad for the iPad, so for the time being we're seeing a lot of mounts and stands that have been designed to take the weight of the device out of your hands.

The first is the Stabile iPad stand from Thought Out. Made of 4 pounds of "solid American steel," this stand looks like a take on the iMac / Cinema Display stand. It holds the iPad in either landscape or portrait orientation, and with the weight of the stand being concentrated in the bottom, the low center of gravity should keep this from tipping over regardless of how active the user's interaction with the iPad becomes.

The Stabile stand is available for pre-order now at a price of US$59.99 for black and $69.99 for silver, and will ship in June.

The second item is actually more of a mount than a stand, but can be used just about anywhere. Want to mount it on the bathroom wall? How about on a kitchen cabinet? Maybe slap it on the back of the front door so you can see what the weather report looks like as you're heading out to work? ClayWare Games has developed the Pad Bracket, a $24.95 piece of "high-quality material" that can be fastened securely to a variety of surfaces with a pair of screws. This really looks like what I'd like to have in my kitchen for reading recipes while I'm slaving over a hot stove.

Like the Stabile stand, the Pad Bracket is currently available for pre-order and will ship in June.

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