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Comcast Cisco/SA markets are finally getting the iGuide

Ben Drawbaugh

Comcast iGuide
Although only about 25 percent of Comcast markets use Cisco/SA equipment, there's good news for the minority as Comcast is finally rolling out the iGuide to you. We're not saying we're fans of Comcast's iGuide, but if you've been using the SARA guide for the past few years we don't have to tell you that anything is an upgrade. This project has been in the works for five years and just goes to show how slow the cable set-top box upgrade process is. To make matter worse, about 60 percent of Comcast Motorola customers already have access to a more advanced A28 iGuide that isn't available to Cisco/SA boxes yet, but this older version will work with the new EBIF based interactive features we've been seeing recently. In either case, we couldn't see using either for even a day and although we're not the biggest fans of TiVo, it is easy to see why some are when you consider the competition.

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