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More than a dozen implicated in South Korean StarCraft scandal


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According to StarCraft forum Team Liquid, 16 South Koreans are being implicated in the StarCraft match-fixing scandal that we heard about earlier this year. The site claims that three brokers, 11 professional StarCraft players and two others (for making bets with insider knowledge) have been indicted thus far. The match-fixing is said to have taken place in December of last year, when brokers corroborated with players to intentionally lose matches.

One of the players named in Team Liquid's report, Moon Sung Jin, has issued a rather grave formal apology via his Cyworld (South Korean social networking service) account. "I am sorry. Due to a hasty mistake, I have disappointed many people. I have nothing to say on this matter, and I do not have any intention of being forgiven," Jin wrote, according to 1UP, adding, "I will be entering military service on the 31st of May, and it seems like I am running away from the truth. I can only say that I will do my best to reflect on my actions and to be discharged as a better, more rational person. I am truly sorry once again."

Reports of the amount each player received varies, from between two to six and a half million won ($2,000 to $6,000) for the calculated losses, which were then allegedly pooled and used to bribe a host of other players.

[Via 1UP]

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