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Patch 3.3.5 PTR: Ruby Sanctum testing on Thursday

Gregg Reece

Daelo (lead encounter designer for WoW) updated his post in the dungeons and raids forum last night announcing that the upcoming Ruby Sanctum raid would be back up for testing on Thursday the 20th. This is after a small update to the Public Test Realm client, which should hopefully fix some of the small stability issues and crippling lag.

With premade characters able to be copied now and the Lua errors gone from the new Real ID friends list, it appears some kinks have been worked out of the system. If you haven't done so already, be sure to copy over a character and try out the new features and the newest raid under Wyrmrest Temple.

Now that the 3.3.5 patch is available for PTR testing, we wanted to have a round of focus testing for Ruby Sanctum. Only normal mode will be available, with Heroic testing to occur at a later date.

Everything related to this zone is implemented for this test, please note any issues with the trash creatures and sub-bosses, loot, achievements, and quests.

US Testing Schedule:
Thursday, May 20 starting at 19:00 EDT.

We plan to allow testing for an extended period. However since this is the Test Realm, unforeseen issues could delay or cancel testing at any time.

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