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'Plenty' of Dead Space material planned, producer wary of diluting franchise

Speaking at a recent EA showcase in London, Dead Space executive producer Steve Papoutsis explained that while Visceral Games has plenty of ideas for the deep space horror series, the studio doesn't intend to run the franchise into the ground. According to, Papoutsis told attendees, "we've mapped out plenty of games worth of stuff. But there has to be an interest, right?" He added, "we don't want to cheapen what we're doing. We're really focused on quality with it. Hopefully if people like this one, we get to make another one."

Papoutsis then told the crowd, "it would be great to just keep making more and more of them. We're thinking kart racer, a fitness game... joke!" Yeah, we're not sure a Dead Space fitness game would go over so well. You know, considering Isaac Clarke's main technique for weight loss is to forcibly remove excess appendages with the aid of futuristic power tools.

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