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Rumor: Space Invaders Infinity Gene cloned for XBLA and PSN


A trusted Joystiq source has confirmed that Taito's mobile and iPhone game Space Invaders Infinity Gene is coming to Xbox Live Arcade and PSN. Further corroborating our source's intel is Australian ratings board the OFLC, which has published a rating for an unspecified "multiplatform" release of Infinity Gene. Ubisoft, which distributes Square Enix titles in Australia is listed as the publisher. (Square Enix is the parent company of Taito.)

With some neat functionality -- the iPhone version lets players generate levels based on their stored music -- and an HD facelift, we'd be willing to bet Space Invaders Infinity Gene wouldn't find much opposition on Xbox Live Arcade and PSN. Previously, Taito released a version of its handheld series Space Invaders Extreme on XBLA to positive reception.

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