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Sony's waterproof and dustproof DSC-TX5 stands up to review scrutiny

Vlad Savov

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You'll remember the TX5 as Sony's do-it-all solution for compact camera fans. It aims to be both stylish -- with a slender 0.7-inch profile and a 3-inch touchscreen -- and rugged, thanks to a metal frame that makes it impervious to water, dust and sub-zero conditions. Throw in the backlit Exmor R CMOS sensor, optical image stabilization, SDHC compatibility, and 720p movie mode and you've got a pretty fearsome paper tiger on your hands. But does it roar in reality? According to Photography Blog, you won't be getting the finest image quality around, but the TX5 impressed with some terrific high ISO performance, excellent handling of chromatic aberrations, and a versatility that allows you to take photos you might not otherwise get to with more conventional shooters. That is an opinion broadly shared by CNET, though both reviewers agreed that pricing will be a tough pill to swallow given that this is still just a 10 megapixel point-and-shoot. Hit the sources for more or mosey on past the break for a sample video.

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