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Dr. Fritz Sennheiser, audio pioneer, dies at 98

Sean Hollister

Back in 1945, cryptographer Fritz Sennheiser founded a professional electronics company in an abandoned WWII German laboratory. Today, we've received the sad tidings that Dr. Sennheiser has passed away at the age of 98. Despite his firm's humble origins building voltmeters from spare parts, his continued innovation led to products like the shotgun microphone and supra-aural headphones, and soon propelled Sennheiser to become a respected audio brand. He is remembered by his son Jörg, in whose hands he left the company in 1982, and by users of the many, many headphones that bear his name. You'll find his official biography at the source link; but first, a moment of silence for this pioneer. Considering the volume he's afforded us over the years, we think it's only fair.

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