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TUAW's Daily App: Captain Ludwig


I've already exclaimed my love for Dizzypad, and Captain Ludwig is a game in the same vein. You're tasked with navigating a character (in this case, a little man) around a series of rotating platforms. However, while Dizzypad is more of an open-ended arcade game, Captain Ludwig adds some strategy and goal chasing to the mix by emphasizing collection and exploration. The game is a series of stages, and each stage has stars to collect; the overall goal is to explore the entire "system" of spinning planets.

There are a few other elements (mines and rockets both hinder and help on the journey), but the biggest innovation is just that sense of exploration. Unlike Dizzypad, where it was all about timing, Ludwig actually gives you someplace to go. You can try it for free with the lite version or pick up the full game for just US$1.99.

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