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How would you change Canon's EOS Rebel T2i?

Darren Murph

Canon just recently sold its 20 millionth digital EOS camera, so there's a better-than-average chance that the company's EOS Rebel T2i made up a bulk of those final sales leading up to the milestone. If you've been shooting (and shooting... and shooting) with your new T2i over the past few months, we're interested in hearing how exactly you'd like to tweak things. Is the 1080p movie mode living up to the hype? Would you change the body design in any way? Happy with the kit lens? Wishing you would've sprung for a full-frame cam instead? Would you have preferred the option to get a Harlequin edition? Go on and speak out below -- we've heard that these things have been hard to come by, so we're sure a few of you are cradling one in your left arm right now.

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