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Killzone 3 revealed in next GamePro -- and it's 3-D


One of Sony's major E3 titles has been revealed slightly ahead of time. Sony and Guerrilla Games are delivering on Jack Tretton's impromptu promise: Killzone 3 is real, and you'll be able to see it for yourself in the July issue of GamePro, on shelves June 1. A subscriber spilled the Helghan beans on the GameSpot forums, also revealing that the game is playable in 3-D, with the effect requiring the use of glasses (oh, and a 3-D-capable television). GamePro has confirmed the cover story to Joystiq.

That means that Killzone 3 is going to be a showpiece for Sony's 3-D technology, and therefore we should probably expect to hear a lot about it at the company's E3 presentation.

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