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Phantasy Star Portable 2 headed to North America and Europe this fall


Here's the best news for PSP owners who love futuristic co-op dungeon crawling since, well, Phantasy Star Portable: Sega has announced that it's localizing Phantasy Star Portable 2, with a fall release planned in both North America and Europe.

Taking place after the events of Phantasy Star Universe, Portable 2 features the people of Gurhal facing a new, less easily defeated threat: scarcity of resources. We'll have to play the game's story mode and some online quests (that's right, unlike the first Phantasy Star Portable, this one's playable online) before we discover how that issue is resolved, though we do know how Sega of Japan acquired the resources it used to produce the game: advertising tie-ins! We really hope the Pizza Hut box item makes it into the Western version.

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