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Rumor: Chicago's North/Halsted Apple Store opening this July


A tipster sends news that we're closer than ever to the opening of the new Apple Store in Chicago, at the intersection of North and Halsted. We first heard about this store just over a year ago, and since then, we've heard that Apple's made a significant investment in the project, beefing up the burgeoning retail area just above the Red Line stop there. Construction is well underway, and now our tipster tells us that the opening is set for sometime during July or August of this year.

The store is working on hiring right now; while some of the management will be brought in from other stores in the area, we're told that they plan to hire about 160 employees to start, including Geniuses, Specialists, and everything else. Of course, these dates aren't set in stone -- the store will likely open when it's good and ready. But we're told that the staff should be trained and ready and in the store about a week before it opens, so once that is worked out, they'll be good to go.

And sure enough, the jobs page over at Apple says that they are hiring at the "Lincoln Park" store now. Having lived in the area for a while, I'd actually call that intersection part of the Clybourn Corridor. Apple wants the name recognition of the primo neighborhood, though, so the Lincoln Park Apple Store it is.

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