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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup bids a fond farewell to 2P Start

One of our favorite webcomics here at Wrapup Industries is the frequently hilarious, brilliantly illustrated 2P Start -- just look through our back catalog, and you'll find them on a number of our top seven lists. Earlier this week, 2P Start published its very last update. We'd like to congratulate Tim and Ray on delivering over three years of a quality webcomic product, and for ending said webcomic's run in a surprisingly classy manner. So, without further ado: Congratulations!

Below, you'll find our seven favorite webcomics from this past week. Check them out, vote for your favorite after the jump, and let us know what awesome strips we may have missed out on in the comments section!

The Third Wheel (Another Video Game Webcomic)
Probe Away (Virtual Shackles)
Red Dead Redonkulous (Extra Life)
Wheeeeee (PvP)
Amazing Offers (Nerf Now)
Lickitung's Fun Afternoon (Brawl in the Family)
The Wince of Persia (Penny Arcade)


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