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Fight the crowds at GameStop's UFC Undisputed 2010 midnight launch parties


Before you enter an octagon full of belligerent fighters in UFC Undisputed 2010, why not prepare by visiting a strip mall full of sleepy nerds? GameStop is holding midnight launch events for the mixed martial arts title in 3,100 of its stores on the night of May 24. There, you'll be able to commune with your fellow UFC fans and pick up a new copy of the game at the earliest possible opportunity -- and you do want to buy it new. Check here to find out if any GameStops near you are participating.

If you pre-order the game before then, you'll get access to four unlockable fighters from the Ultimate Fighter TV series. If you pre-order the PS3 version, you'll get three more fighters, as well as a Blu-ray disc with footage of five classic UFC fights. That is indisputably a lot of bonuses.

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