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Mercedes-Benz Hexawheel concept is the 4x4 you never knew you needed

Darren Murph

It ain't the first Mercedes-Benz concept to dazzle us, and we get the feeling it's far from being the last. Dreamed up by designer Siyamak Rouhi Dehkordi, the Hexawheel is doing its darnedest to bring the gas guzzler back, and while we'd never turn down a solid deal on our own G-Wagon, there's something mighty novel about this ride. Boasting an iconic M-B design, this here creature deviates drastically from the typical road warrior, utilizing six wheels on an articulated chassis with a flexible drivetrain. All told, it'd measure some 16 feet if ushered into production, and it's quite possibly the best beach vehicle next to the dune buggy. There's no word on what kind of powerplant this thing would support, but we're guessing something involving fuel cells would be appropriate. Give those links below a visit if you're in the mood for more images.

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