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Soda machine controlled by iPhone app


Recent MIT comp sci grad Chris Varenhorst found a cheap soda machine on Craigslist a while back, and he decided to do what any self-respecting computer science student would do nowadays: hook it up to the Internet. He created wiring to make the machine believe it had credits whenever a circuit was connected, and then wired that to an Internet service. He also created an iPhone app that sent messages to the server, so he could press a button from anywhere and make the machine dispense a cold drink.

Unfortunately, he says he would sometimes press the button while out and about, and come back to his apartment to find a warm beer sitting in the machine. He's graduated now and moving out, so Varenhorst and his roommates decided to sell the machine on eBay, with part of the funds going to charity. It sold for just $76 (not too surprising -- who really needs a soda machine sitting around their house?), but the project itself is very cool.

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