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All Points Bulletin still set for consoles, but in a different form

Eliot Lefebvre

The longstanding search for a console MMO is ongoing, with All Points Bulletin coming up as one of the bigger hopes for the near future. It's been announced, however, that while the game is still slated for consoles, it's not going to be ported straight over from the PC version. That's the word from EJ Moreland, lead designer, who recently went on record saying that as the development of the game progressed, it became more and more obvious that the game wouldn't work as a straight port of the PC version.

Before anyone throws up their hands in despair, however, the game is still planned for release on consoles. There's no specific timetable for it, as the team chose to focus on the PC version first, but it is still slated for release. As to how the game will be different, the only clue is the cryptic explanation that it will be in a form more suited to console play. What precisely that means is unclear, but every All Points Bulletin fan can only hope that the game will still hold on to its unique multiplayer experience.

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