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Best Buy advertising higher than regular prices as sales?


Could some Best Buy "sales" not really be sales at all? Shocking, we know, but stay with us for a minute. As Consumerist reports, the mega retailer seems to have recently begun advertising some laptops at prices that are actually higher than their regular price, and then taking things one step further by placing "as advertised" signs on the laptops in store -- thereby giving consumers the impression that they're getting a deal. A tipster to Consumerist specifically sites laptops like the Dell and HP modes advertised for $649.99 and $699.99 in the latest ad pictured above, which are apparently $20 and $50 higher than their regular price -- previous laptops advertised at higher prices also now seem to have gone back to their regular price. Of course, all of this seems to technically be on the up and up, since Best Buy isn't actually advertising the laptops as being "on sale" but, if it is indeed a regular practice, it's definitely not doing a service to customers, to say the least.

Update: So here's the deal: Best Buy is bundling 6 months of its Ask an Agent and Virus and Spyware Protection packages into the offers. Each would normally cost you an extra $20 ($40 in total) which Best Buy is now giving away for "free" with the inflated price tag. Hey, we're sure you were going to buy those anyway, right?

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