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BioShock 2 Metro Pack DLC coming to PC tomorrow

The expansive (and somewhat irreverent) "Metro Pack" DLC for the multiplayer portion of BioShock 2 will be available for the PC version of the game tomorrow. The pack includes six new maps, three new Achievements and a "Rebirth" feature which lets level 50 players restart their careers, and will be available on the Games for Windows Live Marketplace for 800 ($10). Players can also grab two new multiplayer characters for 160 ($2), and all players can grab the (sigh) golf clubs-only "Kill'Em Kindly" deathmatch mode for free.

Of course, this expansion caused a handful of game-crashing issues for folks who purchased it on 360 and PS3 two weeks ago. Not to worry -- a patch for the game is also set to go live tomorrow, which we hope will preempt these issues.

[Via Big Download]

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