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This Wednesday: Voodoo Dice, Doom 2 demonize XBLA [update]


Normally, voodoo isn't something to be taken lightly. As dear old pa liked to say, "Just because you don't believe in voodoo, it don't mean you laugh in the witch doctor's face." Wise words indeed, but then pappy didn't know about Voodoo Dice, this week's Xbox Live Arcade release -- a puzzle game of sorts from Ubisoft and Exkee. All we really know is that it involves dice, includes single-player and multiplayer and will cost 800 ($10). Thus far, it appears to be free of vengeful witch doctors itching for an excuse to zombify us, so that's a relief.

Update: This week's XBLA update will also include id's classic first-person shooter Doom II, as well as Ben 10 Alien Force: The Rise of Hex -- for 800 ($10) each.

[Via Major Nelson]

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