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Viral Crackdown 2 contest offers early demo access


This is your lucky day, agent. Today you get to participate in viral marketing, easily the best kind of marketing in Pacific City. This marketing, as you may have guessed, is for Crackdown 2. You might be wondering why you'd participate in such a thing. After all, you loved the first Crackdown, you've read the hands-on coverage for the sequel, your pre-order money has been set aside and you're just coasting your way to July. The answer is simple: early demo access.

To get started, pick up Microsoft's Tag Reader app for your mobile phone (find it at Then, watch this video. At the end you'll see a hidden orb, which you can scan with Tag Reader. If you'd rather not watch the video (again), you can just scan the image to the right. Once scanned, you can register for a contest account, which will provide you with text message clues about the locations of the remaining "orbs." Find them, scan them and you're in.

Orbs for demos, agent. Orbs for demos. Unless you don't have a texting plan, of course.

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