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XBLM Deal of the Week: Lazy Raiders, Band of Bugs, more


The Xbox Marketplace Live Deal of the Week is usually reserved for a single piece of DLC or the occasional Xbox Live Arcade game, but this week there are four titles on sale. Three different XBLA games -- puzzle platformer Lazy Raiders, turn-based strategy RPG Band of Bugs and ... spheroid murder sim Madballs in Babo: Invasion -- have all seen their prices reduced from 800 ($10) to 400 ($5) for the next seven days.

Additionally, the Xbox Live Indie Game Avatar Wave: Snowball Fight has dropped from 240 ($3) to 80 ($1). As usual, the deals are valid Monday through Sunday and only available to Xbox Live Gold members. You must be signed into Xbox Live to see the sale price. Add Lazy Raiders to your Xbox 360 download queue ($5) Add Band of Bugs to your Xbox 360 download queue ($5) Add Madballs in Babo: Invasion to your Xbox 360 download queue ($5) Add Avatar Wave: Snowball Fight to your Xbox 360 download queue ($1)

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