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Grab yourself an Ensemble Online alpha key with Massively!


How would you like to alpha test an MMORTSRPG? Yeah, that's what we thought. The amount of letters has distracted you. Our evil plan is coming to fruition!

And, speaking of things coming to fruition, let's talk about Ensemble Online -- a new game from a small indie developer group. The game is incorporating aspects of a traditional RPG with elements of a real-time strategy game, all under an MMO flag. Retrieve resources, hunt monsters, build buildings, craft weapons, create empires, and wage war with other players in this 2D MMO. It's very ambitious, and ambitious things need testers.

We've gotten 50 alpha keys to give away, and that means it's time for a contest! If we've caught your interest, jump with us after the break and we'll give you all of the relevant information.

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So you wanna alpha test, eh?

Remember everyone! While this is a contest for 50 Ensemble Online keys, the game is still in alpha! That means the game may be in a largely unplayable state, where your feedback and play time will shape how the game is designed in the future. You'll run into bugs, errors, glitches, and other nasty things while playing, so be sure to report what you see and help make the game as good as possible!

With that in mind, entering the contest is 100% easy! All you have to do is drop a comment on this article, stating exactly how you'll conquer the lands of Ensemble. Fifty of you lucky commenters will be walking away with keys to the alpha test, and the winners will be determined by a random number draw. Make sure your e-mail on your Massively profile is up-to-date, as this is how we'll be contacting you with the keys! This contest will be open until June 1st, so be sure to comment away today!

Unlike our other contests, everyone worldwide is eligible to enter in this one! So good luck to you all, and perhaps you'll be one of the lucky ones to grab a key from this contest.

  • To enter, post a comment on this contest page, saying how exactly you'll conquer Ensemble Online.
  • The comment must be left before 11:59 pm Eastern Time on Tuesday, June 1st.
  • You may enter only once.
  • Fifty winners will be selected in a random drawing.
  • Fifty winners will receive a alpha key to Ensemble Online, with instructions on how to get into the game. (Each key carries no cash value.)
  • Click here for complete Official Rules. All countries are eligible to enter in this giveaway, but you must be over 18!

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