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The Daily Grind: Money money money! Money!


Money: it makes the world go 'round. It's also one of those necessary staples to keep your character happy and well-outfitted. Whether used to get that sweet piece of loot on the auction house, fund a mount, pay for skills and repairs, or just to feel (for once) like a billionaire, it doesn't hurt to amass as much money in game as possible.

So what's your trick, your technique for raking in the dough? Are you a minimal earner, vendoring all of your loot and just getting by? Do you farm crafting components to auction off, or are you a crafty crafter who makes high-demand products? Do you complete every quest possible -- not for the XP, but for the cold, hard cash? Have you tip-toed down the dark side of RMT for easy gold?

We'd love to hear your secret for becoming an in-game Scrooge McDuck. So how do you make your money?

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