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Third Crackdown 2 ViDoc revels in mass destruction


We should warn you right off the bat that the ViDoc for Crackdown 2 embedded above does at one point feature a Ruffian Games employee using the word "awesomeness," though he thankfully catches himself quickly before the madness spreads too far. While his excitement for this summer's Xbox 360 release is appreciable, we're not so sure that devolving into Valley Girl-isms is the way to play up the game's comically destructive sandbox gameplay.

As senior designer Dean Smith puts it, "For some reason, there's a lot of explosive things lying around Pacific City as well, so there's always a new prop to grab or a new explodable of some type." Now that's what gets us excited for more Crackdown: stuff exploding! Lots of stuff exploding! Hooray explosions!

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