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Aion devs talk 1.9 features in new podcast

Jef Reahard

If you're an Aion fan and are anxiously awaiting the forthcoming 1.9 patch (and honestly who isn't), you'll want to head over to the European website and check out the recently released patch-centric video podcast. NCsoft producers Chris Hager and Lani Blazier, as well as community manager Andrew Beegle, talk about everything from UI customization, to counter-stun mechanics, to reduced soul healing and travel costs.

"We have drastically reduced the prices of soul healing, soul binding, and transportation, and I think players are going to find it's a big win. I know we do internally because it is really expensive to heal your soul, bind to a location, and fly places," Blazier says. The trio also discuss the new equipment rental system and drop hints about a large amount of new quests coming in the update.

Check out the full podcast, and don't forget to peruse our exclusive interviews with Chris Hager about 2.0 as well as Aion in general.

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