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Sega announces Sonic Colors, coming to Wii and DS in late 2010

Man, Sega's just full of surprises, isn't it? Earlier today, the company announced Sonic Colors (or Colours, if you live in a country that spells that word that ridiculous way). a new platformer featuring the blue hedgehog and his new troupe of polychromatic friends. Sonic will have to navigate a sci-fi themed amusement park to thwart the plans of -- who else -- Dr. Eggman by saving multicolored aliens, each of which bestow a certain special ability upon the series' attitude-filled protagonist. That sounds like it has the propensity be be more colorful and trippy than a Flaming Lips concert.

According to Sega Europe's blog, the game is set to drop for Wii and DS in late 2010. You can check out an extremely brief announcement trailer posted after the break.

[Thanks, RupeeClock]

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