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The Classifieds: More raiders than ever pushing through end-game content


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Has the stacking buff in Icecrown Citadel done its job opening up end-game raiding to more players than ever? Signs point to yes. An analysis posted at LoreHound shows that the progressive ICC buff (Hellscream's Warsong and Strength of Wrynn), which is currently pumping 20% more power into raiders' total health, healing done, damage absorption and damage dealt, is also puffing up the number of guilds chugging through what's currently the toughest raid instance in the game.

The report is chock full of progression statistics, shining a light on content accessibility. Its conclusion: Raiding in Wrath, including features such as progressively stacking buffs and encounters with interchangeable difficulties, has ripened to a mature model that is friendly to both hardcore and casual raiders. Read the details at LoreHound (thanks for the tip, Rhabella!).

Let's crack open The Classifieds ...

More retro and classic raiding

We'd like to direct those of you looking for retro and classic raiders to last week's comments for an additional batch of guilds and raiding groups taking on additional raiders. We also have several other listings to add here, including our first The Burning Crusade-era raiding group.

  • That 70s Team <Hallowed Arcana> (US Farstriders-H) is doing BC content with a group called That 70s Team. "We're starting with heroics, then Kara/ZA," writes their rep. "If we get the attendance, we'll start the 25 progression as well."
  • Weekly retro <Elders of Legend> (US Nazgrel-H) recently began retro raiding, and whoever shows up is welcome. EoL is an adult, family guild with a minimum age of 25 and a strict PG-13 language/content policy. "We welcome like-minded casuals and family players who would like to see older content but don't have the resources to do on their own," writes their rep. In-game retro contacts include Maahtu, Tsotsi, Shimano, Hitback, Migara and Bikutanda.
  • Old World classics <Screams of the Past> (US Draka-A) is seeking more dedicated level 60 raiders for classic content. "We use only classic gear and enchants during raids, and we only raid with the guild," notes the guild's recruiter. "We clear all available content (world dragons, MC, BWL, AQ-20 and AQ-40, ZG) every week." Raids Mon./Wed./Thurs. 6:30 p.m. CST, Sat. 8 p.m. CST.

Random acts of uberness

Feebleminded (US Eredar-A) I was on my hunter Eilistraee and finally able to que for HHoR. When I got in, I saw our warrior tank with a GS of 4200, and I admit, I thought it was going to be a long day. But I have silence, MD, and traps, so i was determined to help where I could. As we all got talking tho, and as he tanked, he showed a huge skill curve, this is the type of player that you talk about when you say skill > GS. He was good natured, tanked all the mobs like a pro, even when his computer went on the fritz a bit and he tanked afk. We made it through the first room with only one death, my wolf Fenrir whom thought he could tank the rifleman. Feeble even apologized for his death.

We got up to the Lich King and things were going smooth till wall #2, and poor Feebleminded just stood there. I assumed his comp went on the fritz again, and we died, he dc'd. Sadly, it took long enough that we kicked him and requed, but while he was gone, we talked about how good he was and we were sad to see him go. Thats when I noticed that our healer, Squishie, was on the same server. I commented that now the priest would be able to seek Feeble out for randoms, since a great tank is hard to find. he agreed, and then soon after, feeble was back in the party!

Squishy was our leader and he must have noticed Feebleminded log back in, so we got to finish the instance with one of the best warrior tanks I have ever come across, Feeble - if you're reading this, I hope to run across you again in the dungeons! -- Aerdrie, US Malygos-A

ToC-10 group on US Elune-A Quite a while ago I joined a PUG for ToC 10 man for some badges (this was shortly before ICC landed if I remember correctly). The group looked undergeared but I assumed everyone knew the fights and we would be OK. Part way through Acidmaw and Dreadscale it became apparent that this wasn't the case. When Icehowl showed up we had 3 or 4 dead, and after his first charge there were only 3 of us left standing. It was myself (resto shaman) a hunter and a warrior tank. Thankfully they knew what to do. We managed to 3-man Icehowl for almost 10 minutes before he enraged at around 30%. None of the deceased released during the fight and they cheered us on and watched the whole time. Props goes out to that hunter and warrior (I wish I could remember your names!) for one of the most epic experiences I've had in WoW in a long time! -- Arashin <Segmentation Fault>, US Elune-A

Ayreon (US Galakrond-A), Mcmoon (US Zangarmarsh-A), Nannerpus (US Terokkar-A) I would like to report some uberness! while leveling my lovely lady death knight tank in the underbog, due to one of those fluke things in a run a poor toon ran off the ledge after hungarfen and died too far away for the heals to rez him. In an awesome display of patience on the part of everyone else we slowly explained to the wow newcomer how just in the world one gets under water while dead and finds their way to underbog! this of course took some time and while that was going on we chatted each other up about how everybody starts somewhere and not to feel bad (I dare say I remember once having a kind friend invite me to SM on my lvl20 mage for exp only to pull mograine and ever bloomin' mod in the place!), sadly though they left because they didn't want to slow us down.

but wait! the next person we had was also brand spankin' new and ended up in the same situation! only this time our wonderful rogue had himself axed in order to go and guide the fella along the way! then once we were back and running we had a wonderful time talking and joking in what was one of the best times of random pug socialness I have ever had. thank you ayreon-galakrond, mcmoon-zangarmarsh and nannerpus-terokkar, not only did you make an otherwise boring random fun and enjoyable, but to be the peek of my wow week and we helped a first timer get a better handle on the amazingness that is wow and to spread a little bit of mirth and kindness into the world in general. I salute you! -- Dryn, <Reign of Glory>, US Fizzcrank-A

Ctmf (US Antonidas-H), Mamanbrigett (US Quel'dorei-H), Cowlelluja (US Quel'dorei-H) I normally play a healer. I have an ICC25 geared Disc Priest, and I recently finished leveling a ToC-geared Holy Pally. But after having a number of tanking drops foisted on to me by guildmates, I was encouraged to drop my pally's retribution offspec and give tanking a try. I worked pretty hard over the course of a week and managed to get together a decent T9 tanking set. The last item I wanted to get was the Black Heart from regular ToC. I queued as a healer since my gear wasn't all together yet. When we got in, I checked the tank, saw that he already had the Black Heart, saw there were no other tank-types in group, and let the group know I planned to roll for it if it dropped. Everyone was fine with this except the tank, who told me if I wanted tank gear I should tank for it, not heal. I shrugged off his comments and we continued. Then right before the Black Knight, the tank said "Here's your chance to tank for your trinket" and dropped group. I was shocked and furious. Worse was that this was late at night and there were just no other tanks in the queue.

About 10 minutes into our wait, Ctmf, the Shaman in our group, told me to let him see my tank gear. After inspecting it he told me he'd heal, and for me to queue as a tank, and we'd try to get the trinket for me. It was a sloppy fight, but I somehow managed to tank it in ungemmed and unechanted gear with no glyphs, and Ctmf kept our group alive just fine. The trinket didn't drop, and I ended up getting it later on a guild run, but it still meant a lot to me that Ctmf kept a positive attitude and was supportive of my trying something new.

When I did finally get my tank gear in order, I queued for my first heroic and got heroic Forge of Souls. Yikes! I told the group right off the bat that I was new to tanking, and normally healed. They were all super positive, and Cowlelluja, the holy paladin, was especially upbeat and encouraging, even when I noobed it up on a pull and fell off the walkway, causing our only wipe. The group basically held my hand through all of Forge of Souls, and beyond into heroic Pit of Saron. Each time I lost threat, or someone died, Cowlelluja and his fiance Mamanbrigett were right there with cheerful comments and a positive attitude, keeping things upbeat and fun. By the end of our run, I felt MUCH more confident as a tank, and discovered several areas of improvement for next time. So to Ctmf-Antonidas, Mamanbrigett-Quel'dorei, and especially Cowlelluja-Quel'dorei, a HUGE "thank you" from this newbie prot pally trying to join the ranks of tanks. MUCH appreciated. :) -- Xianne, US Farstriders-H

Employment: Guild recruiting

  • Mature ICC-25 raiders <Deep Blue> (US Gorgonnash-H) is looking for players who can attend ICC raids three times a week. "DB has a median age of 30, with many working professionals," notes their recruiter. "This leads to a vastly more mature and relaxed setting with understanding for real-life complications. Our 10-man raid teams are working on ICC hard modes, while our ICC 25 is working on LK."
  • Raid with's Euripides <Bucket List> (US Drenden US-A) is comprised of players whose guilds have stopped raiding until Cataclysm. "Until we have the people to do a 25-man ICC, we are focusing on 10-man hard modes and 25-man GDKP PUGs," notes Euripides. "Raiding consumables, enchants, gems and repairs are provided for, so all you need to do is show up and raid!"

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