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Ford SYNC owners to get stock quotes, horoscopes and movie listings shouted at them

Darren Murph

Hooray for voice command systems... that no one uses. Okay, so maybe someone uses 'em, but until voice recognition software improves drastically and / or our own memory banks swell dramatically, we still see most motorists reaching for buttons, toggles and wheels when it comes time to interact with their vehicle. That said, existing Ford owners with SYNC'd rides can soon do a lot more talking with their system thanks to a few complimentary updates hitting the Traffic, Directions & Information (TDI) sector. The cloud-based service will allow drivers to demand that a given stock quote, horoscope, movie time or travel inquiry be sorted and shouted, and just in case you glossed that last sentence over, we're going to reiterate once more that your SYNC system will now read back your horoscope. And guess what? These updates should be taking effect immediately, so feel free to make a mad dash for your garage and try 'er out.

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Stock quotes, horoscopes and more added to ford sync cloud-based services; no extra fees attached

· Ford adds new services to SYNC® through the cloud-based app Traffic, Directions & Information (TDI), giving users on-demand access using simple voice commands to stock quotes, movie listings, horoscopes, and airlines, hotels and rental car companies

· The new services are now available to SYNC TDI owners and showcase the flexibility and expandability of the SYNC architecture to continuously improve the user experience – no extra fees or software upgrades required

· TDI is available on all 2010 and 2011 Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles equipped with SYNC; services come with no monthly subscription fees for the first three years of vehicle ownership

DEARBORN, Mich., May 27, 2010 – Horoscopes, stock quotes, movie listings and access to airlines, rental cars and hotels are now just a voice command away for customers driving Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles equipped with the SYNC® app Traffic, Directions & Information (TDI).

And customers did not have to inquire, purchase or upgrade anything to get this whole new set of services. All that is needed is an active owner account on

"SYNC is helping us move at a faster pace and deliver the level of connectivity and access that consumers want," said Doug VanDagens, director, Ford Connected Services Organization. "Now, by leveraging the cloud, we continue to give our customers access to more and more services without having to touch the vehicle or inconvenience the owner with more subscription fees."

Ford expanded SYNC TDI services to include stock quotes, entertainment, travel and movie categories, in addition to the already available traffic, directions, news and business search capabilities. The new services are provided by Microsoft Tellme, one of the many partners in Ford's cloud-based Service Delivery Network, which gives SYNC users the ability to use a simple Bluetooth-enabled cell phone to connect and voice request the information they want while in the car.

More features, no extra cost

Owners of SYNC-equipped 2010 and 2011 Ford, Lincoln and Mercury products will have immediate access to the enhanced TDI services.

"Current TDI users will hear a special announcement through SYNC the first time they call in, announcing stocks, movies, horoscopes and travel, and informing them that they have more choices," adds VanDagens.

When users say the "services" voice command, they can ask for "stocks," horoscopes," "movies" or "travel," and follow the prompts. They can also create personalized lists of stocks and horoscopes to follow by visiting their account on, clicking on the "Manage favorites" tab and adding their top picks.

In total, the new SYNC TDI categories offer the following options:

• Say a company name and receive real-time stock quotes
• Request other specifics such as the high/low of the day, of a 52-week period, share volume, market cap and price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio

• Speak an astrological sign to hear the daily horoscope
• Hear list of astrological signs

• Search for movie theaters near customer's current location or provided city
• Receive lists of new releases
• Say a movie name and receive rating information, theater names where movies are playing
• Request movie times at a location for today, tomorrow or the next day

• Request to be directly connected to 150 airlines, the 50 largest hotel chains and the 11 largest rental car agencies – all in the U.S.

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