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Grease: The Game to utilize microphones and balance board

You've used your Wii Balance Board to exercise, ski, hula hoop and snowboard. Soon, you'll have the opportunity to use the peripheral in the manner God intended: To do the Hand Jive Hop. According to a press release from publisher 505 Games, Grease: The Game will allow two teams of four players to fight for "musical domination" using two USB microphones and the Balance Board. Oh, man. We've got chills, and we'll be entirely damned if they're not multiplying.

The board will be used for Grease's many minigames, which include T-Bird racing, carnival games, and singing to the title's 16-song soundtrack. Not mentioned in the presser is the minigame where you take a nice, sweet-natured young girl and transform her into a spandex-clad hussy. We'll find out if that one made the cut when the game launches on Wii and DS in September.

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