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Perpetuum launches major patch, approaches open beta

Eliot Lefebvre

If you like giant robots, PvP, and a sandbox environment, you've no doubt been following the development of Perpetuum with no small amount of interest. After all, the upcoming game includes all of those, along with some stunning graphics and deformable terrain to help keep players invested. The game is currently in the midst of closed beta testing, and is rolling out new features and improvements, especially with the most recent patch. Referred to by the developers as the game's largest patch to date, it expands the game's quality of life significantly and brings the game that much closer to release.

NPC corporations have gained more assignments, and there are six levels of security associated with them -- improved, naturally, by successfully completing more assignments for said corporation. They're now offering unique ammunition as a reward, which cannot be reverse-engineered. Prototypes have been improved, with the advantage that they now can have a slight edge over "normal" versions and are that much easier to reverse-engineer. Best of all for new players, the first stages of the game's tutorial have been added. While Perpetuum isn't yet in open beta, the team seems confident it won't be too much longer before everyone can try out the latest improvements.

[Thanks to GM Gremrod for the tip!]

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