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Report: EA retiring NBA Live name, replacing it with 'NBA Elite' [update]


According to the latest issue of OXM (via 1UP), EA is retiring the NBA Live name. Instead, the company will now be branding its franchise NBA Elite, starting with NBA Elite 11. We've checked the game's Twitter, blog and news feed to no avail. We did manage to get into touch with an EA Sports spokesperson, who offered this statement:

"We knew it was time to leave the past behind. We have exciting and significant changes coming to our NBA game this year that will usher in the future of basketball videogames. We look forward to releasing information on exactly how we'll be doing that over the next few months."

It's hardly confirmation of the name change, but suggests there's something to this whole NBA Elite business. Anybody have a copy of OXM to confirm this? We'd mightily appreciate it!

A tipster sent in an image of the OXM article in question. It looks like the news is legit: look forward to EA Sports NBA Elite 11 this fall.

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