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Roku Player's new Netflix channel rolls out tomorrow, we go hands-on

Nilay Patel

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Roku originally told us its new Netflix channel would roll out in June, but it looks like things are actually happening a little early -- the updated interface will go live starting tomorrow, and it'll be rolling out to everyone over the next week. As promised, the new interface lets you search the entire Netflix Watch Instantly library directly from your TV, and you'll be able to browse through Netflix categories like New Releases, Action, and Comedy as well, which definitely makes the casual turn-on-and-watch experience far easier and nicer. We do wish there was a filter for HD content, though, and we noticed some lag as titles and artwork loaded in when we clicked around a little too fast, but there weren't any major hassles apart from the general annoyance of trying to type on an on-screen keyboard with a remote control. A little Bluetooth integration in the next revision would be nice -- or hey, why not a smartphone app? Overall, though, the new channel is a nice solid update for Roku owners, and we certainly can't argue with free.

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