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Steve Jobs hates you, and so does this error page

Tim Stevens

Love or hate Flash it's safe to say the internet isn't the internet without it -- at least for now. Most mobile platforms don't support the stuff for technical reasons, but few have been more brazen in their intentional lack of support than Steve Jobs. The creators of the SOS Error Page are trying to send a message to Apple and the man himself by... well, we'll just let them explain:

If someone visits your site on a Flash enabled device/computer your home page will load fine, as it always does; but if someone visits your site on an iPad or iPhone, instead of the current blank or error page coming up, your site will greet them with this special message page.
Daring, controversial, and effective? More like busted, as this doesn't actually detect Safari Mobile. It instead is triggered by any browser that doesn't support Flash. In other words, installing this little redirect on your site is a great way to really piss off anyone on Android (pre 2.2, natch), Windows Mobile, Opera Mobile, Lynx... you get the picture. Steer clear.

Update: We got a good news / bad news update from the SOS crew. Good news: the script has been updated to only show up for iPad and iPhone devices. Bad news: they were told that the image they were using had to be "modified slightly," resulting in a new image that shows rather more black box than CEO. If only there were some place that still showed the original image...

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