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AT&T prepping MobileProtect insurance program for iPhone?

Chris Ziegler

Shots of some docs over on BGR have us believing that AT&T is on the cusp of launching a program called "MobileProtect," but don't be fooled by the fancy name -- this is basically an Asurion-operated handset insurance plan just like any other, the only real difference being that it's for the iPhone and offered directly by the carrier. Interestingly, it seems that you'll buy the protection through the App Store of all things, automatically billing the credit card that you've got on file with Apple, but you'd better really want the protection because it's going to run $13.99 a month. Oh, and you'll have to pay a $99 deductible to fix an 8GB 3G, scaling up to $199 for a 32GB 3GS. To put that in perspective, that means it'll cost you $367 to replace an insured 32GB 3GS after a year of coverage, at which point you'll say "well, I'd rather have an iPhone 4 anyway" and shell out $200 with an upgrade pull-ahead. Yeah, call us jaded.

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