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Global Agenda's newest dev blog talks Sandstorm

Jef Reahard

The development team at Hi-Rez Studios has released a new dev blog focusing on the upcoming changes to their Global Agenda MMOFPS. Codenamed Sandstorm, the updates will begin reaching the live servers in early June. Phase I of the patch, now in public testing, features a host of additions and improvements including new epic weapons, a new loot and token system, new PvP maps, new PvE missions, and new social features.

"So if you're looking at the patch notes for 1.3, you're probably saying to yourself 'holy crap they changed every aspect of the game,'" says Executive Producer Todd Harris. "We wanted to preserve all the good balanced combat, but also add a layer of device variety and new variety that our MMO players are looking for."

Check out the dev blog over at the official site or embedded after the cut.

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