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Boggle for iPad and Might & Magic HK out now, Star Wars Tower Defense coming soon


Here are a few games to try out over the holiday weekend. Boggle for iPad has been released by EA. I got to play the game at an event last week, and while the core functionality isn't much different than that of Bookworm or its many clones, the bright, full iPad graphics are impressive. Outside of the simple Boggle gameplay, there are a few other modes to check out as well, including time-based challenges, multiplayer game types, and modes that will score for you or let you score yourself. At just US $4.99, it's a quality iPad game.

French game developer Ubisoft has released its online MMO Might & Magic Heroes Kingdoms for the iPad. We Americans will have to wait, though, as the app is currently only available in France, Germany, and the UK. Those folks had to wait for their iPads, so we suppose that they had to get some fun games at launch, too. Finally, Star Wars: Battle for Hoth is a tower defense game for iPhone and iPad that's not out yet, but man, it looks good. I've never really gotten into the tower defense genre, but the combination of the Star Wars license along with the bigger iPad touchscreen means that I'll be looking for that one on the App Store soon.

Also, just as this post was going to press, we heard about one more game for you to play this weekend: Prince of Persia Retro, the original game about Iranian royalty, is now available on iPhone and iPad for just 99 cents. Enjoy!

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