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Rumor: Shogun 2: Total War to be shown at E3


A Turkish site named Oyungezer has reportedly leaked news of a direct sequel to the very first game in the critically acclaimed historical combat Total War series. The site mentioned in a deleted post that Shogun 2: Total War would be on display at E3 in a few weeks. Soon after, Voodoo Extreme posted a leaked fact sheet for the game, which will reportedly be developed by The Creative Assembly and published by Sega. According to the fact sheet, it will contain character progression across nine different Japanese clans, as well as improved war simulation gameplay on both land and sea. The fact sheet sets the release date in 2011.

Joystiq contacted Sega to ask about the rumor, and we were told that it "can't comment on news about the next Total War game," so it looks like Sega's lips are sealed, at least until E3.

[Via Big Download]

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