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Massively Mobile: iPhone apps for your favorite MMOs part 2

Dan O'Halloran

Every two weeks, Massively Mobile brings you the latest news, guides and analysis about MMOs on mobile devices. Covering iPhone, iPad and Android platforms, we're on the lookout for the next generation of MMOs.

In the last column, I covered a number of iPhone apps for MMOs. Some kept you connected to the game world, others offered you information at your fingertips, while still others were entire games unto themselves. Today I continue with the second half of the list starting with Final Fantasy XI all the way through Wizard101. In the next Massively Mobile column, I will focus specifically on World of Warcraft mobile apps for both the iPhone and the Android.

I have to admit that in the process of researching this column, I became obsessed with one particular app, Warrior Epic: Sagas. I don't even play the MMO, but I found the app to be one I returned to again and again throughout the week. It's very addictive, has an engaging storyline and is a dream come true for equipment micromanagers like myself. Check it out along with the rest of the apps after the jump.

Final Fantasy XI

FFXI Auction House - $1.99
A great way to keep up with auctions on your server while on the go. The app provides links to various FFXI item databases for each item on the auction house as well as item sale history.
FFXI PDA - $0.99
This app tracks important in-game events such as airship and ferry schedules as well as moon phases. But its strong point is tracking the cooldowns on ability timers.
Highwind FFXI Maps - Free
An alphabetical listing of over 400 maps from Vana'diel. Doesn't have all the maps in the game, but it's free.
VanaMini - FFXI Companion App - $1.99
Instead of an app to stay in touch while out of game, this one provides you with a number of functions for use while in Vana'diel. Airship and Ferry schedules so you know when to arrive at the docks, maps, guild views and more.

Lineage II

Lineage2 Map - $0.99
It's maps of Aden, Elmore and Garcia. 'Nuff said.

Lord of the Rings Online

LOTROHerald - Free
Though not an official app from Turbine, this app is recommended by the LotRO team. It tracks server status, character and guild information for the North American, European, Russian, Korean, and Chinese servers.


Mytheon: AoG - $2.99
I was excited for this Tower Defense-style game based in the F2P Mytheon world. I've been looking for a solid replacement to Plants vs. Zombies, but, unfortunately, this isn't it. I found the game very difficult initially and gave up after multiple attempts to get through the intro zones. Your mileage may vary.

Runescape Guide - $0.99
F2P and P2P skill builder, money making guide, experience tables and more are featured on this Runescape app. This is available for both iPhone and iPad as well as a lite version.

Second Life

Sparkle IM - $4.99
A bit expensive for an ancillary gaming app, but it does its job well. With Sparkle IM you can log into a non-graphical interface of Second Life and chat with anyone logged into the game.
Pocket Metaverse Pro - $2.99
Formerly Touch Life, Pocket Metaverse Pro is similar to Sparkle IM in that it offers Second Life players a way to chat online with in-game friends. It also allows you to teleport around Second Life, manage inventory and upload download pictures.

Warrior Epic
Warrior Epic: Sagas - Free
As mentioned above, I've become a big fan of this free app. Assemble a group of five warriors, equip them and send them out on a quest for glory, loot and coin. Your success is calculated and can be improved by experimenting with different group setups. I'm running three groups simultaneously and enjoying it immensely.

WizardBlox - Free
This block-matching game app set in the world of the free-to-play Wizard101 world is quite addictive. And it can reward in-game gold and potions using a code generated when you finish a game. I don't even play Wizard101, but I avidly play and enjoy this app.

Dan O'Halloran covers the emerging fields of mobile and Facebook MMOs for Massively. For suggestions or tips, send an email to dano at massively dot com.

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