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Netflix for iPad hacked and running on iPhone (update: disabled)


How desperate are you to get Netflix running on your iPhone? Desperate enough to jailbreak, grab frameworks from your iPad, and do some plist hacking? If the answer to those questions is "yes," then the folks at ModMyi have something they'd like to show you. According to the site, a tipster has been able to get the video streaming service up and playing on an iPhone by making what appears to be fairly simple changes to his device; namely, boosting the iPad's MediaPlayer.framework and altering plist settings once the app was installed on his phone. It's not all wine and roses, as using Netflix where it's not supposed to be used causes a massive battery drain (go figure), and there are issues with crashing and 3G playback (two more unsurprising problems). Still, it can be done, and this is just the start -- so if you want to get in on the party (and maybe even help out a little bit), hit the read link and see what it's all about.

Update: Cody tells us the powers that be have already disabled this little gem of a workaround. We have to hand it to you, powers that be -- that was mighty quick for a Memorial Day weekend.

[Thanks, Cody]

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