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The Best of Big Download: May 24-30

John Callaham

After Memorial Day is over we will have just two weeks before E3 2010 officially begins, so have fun now because a swarm of news, rumors, and game announcements are on the way. In the meantime, kickback with a cold beverage and enjoy the last seven days from Big Download:

Exclusive features
  • Reviews: We give our final verdicts for Split/Second and Beat Hazard.
  • Boot Disk: We look back in our latest retro games feature at the original Empire Earth.
  • All You Need To Know: We give you the 411 on all we have on the upcoming shooter Bulletstorm.
  • Freeware Friday: Our latest look at free PC games checks out the free-to-play online game League of Legends.
  • Contest: We have teamed up with Gala-Net to offer a special item kit for the free-to-play MMO Rappelz.



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