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One Shots: A little rest, relaxation, and ear rubbing

Here in the states we're celebrating Memorial Day -- a day to honor those who are serving in, or have served in the military. With that said, since we here at Massively deal in made-up worlds, we thought it might be nice to show off a few Starfleet officers enjoying some R&R in Star Trek Online! If given our choice, we'd probably pick a nice sandy beach as a great place for a party too -- but we'd ditch the heavy uniforms. Those have to be hot and itchy.

Today's One Shots comes to us from Andrew, or Pojoh Findil Orthalle, as he's known in Star Trek Online, who writes in to give us the scoop on this fun scene: "I thought I'd send a picture of my Ferengi Captain, Pojoh, relaxing from a hard day of keeping the Federation safe. What better place to get one's ears rubbed, than on Risa. As you can tell, there were some other Captains 'gettin' down' in the background as well."

What's your favorite place to relax in your MMO of choice? Why not grab a screenshot of your favorite downtime activity and send it to us here at oneshots AT massively DOT com. Be sure to include your name, the name of the game, and a note telling us about the screenshot. Your image could be the next we showcase here on Massively!

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