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DCUO release window announced

Jef Reahard

Break out the underoos, superhero fans, as another tights-flavored MMORPG is nearing release. Sony Online Entertainment's DC Universe Online is flying your way this November, and will be launching simultaneously on the PC and PS3 platforms.

IGN has a preview of the game, including a brief look at DC notables like Harley Quinn, Robin, and Nightwing. If you've ever wanted to take missions from Bruce Wayne, or explore the streets of Metropolis, SOE has your game. They also apparently have some notable voice actors lined up to breathe life into the virtual DC-flavored playground. "A Sony Online Entertainment rep said that the company wasn't ready to announce voice actors yet but that you should expect familiar folks behind the characters you know," IGN writes.

Check out the original article, as well as the official DCUO website.

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