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inFamous 2 seemingly teased in Portuguese PlayStation mag

The last page in the most recent issue of Portugal's PlayStation: The Official Magazine features a pair of eyes you might be familiar with, depending on how frequently you stare into the baby blues of your video game protagonists. Scrawl captured the image of the teasing brow, which appears to belong to one Cole McGrath, hero (or anti-hero) of inFamous. That observation is supported by the text following the image, which translates to "the announcement of a great PlayStation 3 exclusive sequel in the next ROPS." (ROPS is the acronym for the magazine's Portuguese edition.)

Now that the pile of evidence indicating a sequel to last year's charged action game is teetering into the clouds, we think it's safe to expect some form of announcement at E3. In fact, we'd be shocked if ... no? We can't use that one anymore? Fair enough.

[Via CVG]

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