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Patch 3.3.5: Regional release schedule

Gregg Reece

While we don't know when the 3.3.5 patch is going live, community manager Slorkuz has posted that the North American realms will be getting a week's head start on Ruby Sanctum as well as Operation: Gnomeregan and Zalazane's Fall. This is due to issues that are likely to pop up with the upgrade and chat system so that the kinks are worked out before moving on to the rest of the regions.

While those of us in North America are excited, this likely means that patch 3.3.5 will have some issues at the start. Be prepared for hotfixes and realm restarts until things are ironed out.

In patch 3.3.5, we will be introducing our new system, which opens up new communication options for World of Warcraft players and lays the groundwork for integration with future Blizzard games, such as StarCraft II. In order to ensure that the implementation of this major new system goes as smoothly as possible, we plan to release the patch to North American realms first, with Europe, Korea, and the region of Taiwan following approximately one week afterward.

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