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Virgin Gaming to offer online game tournaments


Virgin Gaming may not be ready to officially reveal its operations until E3, but a bit of sleuthing has shown that at least part of its business likely will be online tournaments for popular games -- with cash prizes. MaxConsole found that the domain is administered by Entertainment Tech, the same company that runs; a site that allows members to compete in PS3 and Xbox 360 games for money. In addition, a call by MaxConsole to Entertainment Tech's Toronto office reportedly was met by a "Welcome to Virgin Gaming" greeting.

Even more conclusive is this page on the Virgin site for a ModNation Racers "Online Tournament" for Canadian gamers, held in coordination with GameStop and EBGames' Canadian branches. When contacted by Joystiq, Virgin declined to comment on its business as it relates to game tournaments -- so we'll continue holding out hope that tournaments will be merely a side project, and the real business of Virgin Gaming will be to publish a Color a Dinosaur sequel.

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