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AdMob releases iPad SDK


The Google-owned AdMob advertising network wants to make it easier for marketers to leverage the power of iPad (and also stay ahead of Apple's impending iAds frameworks in the process). The company announced today that its iPad App SDK is available for developers; this unified environment works with all iPhone OS devices, so devs can include ad code in apps for iPhone and iPod touch as well.

The tool allows for the creation of text and image ads, but in the near future AdMob expects to provide HTML5 video support -- there's a snazzy preview over on the company blog right now. Video inside advertisements inside applications; whatever will they think of next?

In a side note, the AdMob metrics for iPad are showing that 38% of the devices visible to the ad network's analytics tools (about 850K unique iPads) were being used outside the United States during the month of May. Pretty impressive, considering they only just went on sale in the rest of the world.

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