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    ASUS Xonar Xense Audio Bundle reviewed, deemed very good (and very pricey)


    ASUS has made quite a few admirers with its Xonar high-end sound card line over the years, and it looks like the new Xonar Xense Audio Bundle is another feather in its cap. Essentially a Xonar Xense card with a pair of Sennheiser PC 350 headphones thrown in for good measure, this bad boy features two 1/4-inch jacks (one for headphones, one for a mic), coax S/PDIF output, and 3.1 surround sound. TweakTown is in love with the thing, calling it "a best of both worlds realization that has been the culmination of many months and over a thousand different combinations of equipment" with "real world performance rivaling a thousand dollar hi-fi system." But not so fast! Bit-tech, was a little more reserved, saying that even if the specs and sound quality are "enough to satisfy the keenest hi-fi enthusiast," the headphones aren't particularly impressive -- and certainly not enough to justify spending £275 (that's like $400!) while the Essence STX can be found for half that. But that's not the whole story, not by a long-shot: check out the source links for all the essential details.

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