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GameStop appoints new CEO, promotes several executives


Gamestop seems to have decided that all of its executives needed promotions. Former CEO Dan DeMatteo (last seen talking up EA Online Pass) is now "Executive Chairman" of the company, with J. Paul Raines (formerly COO) now stepping up to the CEO position. Executive Vice President Tony Bartel will now occupy the new position of "President," with Robert Lloyd (formerly Senior Vice President and Acting Interim CFO) as CFO. Michael K. Mauler is now EVP, GameStop International. It's like musical chairs, but there's a chair for everyone playing, and it's much softer than the one you're sitting in.

DeMatteo suggested that the moves would help GameStop's goals of "expansion into new markets and continued focus on strategic initiatives such as our new loyalty program, downloadable content (DLC) marketing and sales, and the evolution of into a robust digital platform." Which, if all goes correctly, will bring in enough revenue to allow GameStop to create some more executive jobs.

[Via IndustryGamers]

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